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VC 200 Series

VC 200 Series

① Slip turn function when it is turning left or right by unilateral tilting same as actual cycling
② A system that allows the user to directly control the pedal speed according to the terrain
③ Built-in interactive system with 360-degree VR real image

Actual image contents



CG Game

Single & Multi


Raid back cycle


Indoor cycle
Water boat


Item Specifications
Power Internal Power 5V DC
Attaching the charger
Display 360ᐤ VR Video
Interaction Control device Wired method
HMD Specifications Oculus (with headphones)
Operation function Speed control device Manual pedal rotation speed method
Right and left and front and rear rolling angles -5ᐤ ~ 5ᐤ
Rotation angle -30ᐤ ~ 30ᐤ
Vibrating device Automatic crash at crash
Contents VR201 Gappa-do, Cheongsan-do actual image video
VR202 Enables a variety of content using mobile apps
VR203 CG Cycling Game
Display information Live video Handle UI,Forward speed, Rotation angle, Course gradient
Safety device Rapid stop device

VC 300 Series

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